Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Cough... Is this thing on? Okay, well here goes...

Welcome to my first Blog, I hope you're well. My name is Ant, I'm a scientist, I'm overweight and I like running, a bit. I'm in my 20s... well 28... and another 363 days on top of that... my birthday is in 2 days. The big 29, one year off 30... crap.

As I said above I'm over weight. I've always been chubby, even as a kid. Example: did anyone else play WWF* when they were kids? For my era everyone wanted to be Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior or Brett The Hitman Heart. Not me, I always said I wanted to be Earthquake. I didn't really, but as a fat kid with zero confidence I felt it was easier to be self deprecating rather than have other kids get in first. Wooah, that was heavier (no pun intended) than I wanted for my first post.

Anyway, long story short. I've always been a bit on the husky side, during the summer of 2010 I found out I liked running and discovered a healthy way of eating that helped me drop from about 250lb to 184lb as of today. I'm still overweight and not particularly fit and healthy, but my aim is to turn that around in time for my 30th birthday in a years time. This blog will document that transition, provide myself motivation and hopefully inspire others to take up the challenge!

More details will follow, but if I don't check in before my birthday on 10th March I will be having my first weigh in and fitness test on Monday 12th March. Wish me luck!


*World Wrestling Federation NOT World Wide Fund for nature. No one wanted to play 'dress up as a panda'... shame really. Also I understand WWF later changed its name to WWE, probably due to a panda slapping Vince McMahon with a law suit.

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